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HSMP Forum's dual citizenship campain in India>> 17/01/2015


HSMP Forum's campaign work against crime in South London>> 17/12/12


Letter from GDC to HSMP Forum concerned with the campaign for Non EU Dentists>>


HSMP Forum's submission to MAC on the settlement reforms>> Dt - 31/08/11


HSMP Forum's initial submission to parliamentary committee/s concerned with upcoming Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules HC 863 & HC 908>>


HSMP Forum's submission to parliamentary committee/s - Non-EU Dentists aspiring to practice in the UK>>


Recent activities and meetings with migrants>>


Letter from Royal College of Surgeons to HSMP Forum>>


Submission of memorandum to Royal College of Surgeons during 20/05/2011 demonstration>>


Submission of memorandum to General Dental Council during 20/05/2011>>


Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules as laid before Parliament on 16th March 2011>>


UKBA's statement of intent - Tier 1 and Tier 2>>  


National Audit Office's report on Immigration: PBS - work routes>> 15th March 2011


Dual Citizenship Campaign in India >> Dt - 9th February 2011


Meetings with politicians in India regarding dual citizenship campaign for Indians settled abroad - January 2011


HSMP Forum's letter to the Immigration Minister on announcement of proposed immigration changes>>  Dt - 30th November 2010


Home Affairs Committee's report on Immigration Cap>> Dt - 4th November 2010


HSMP Forum's submission to National Audit Office>>   Dt - 13th Oct 2010


Oral evidence to Home Affairs Committee Link 1 Link 2 - Dt - 14/09/2010


HSMP Forum's response to MAC's consultation on the level of annual limit on economic migration to the UK>> - Dt - 7th Sept 2010


HSMP Forum's submission to Home Affairs Committee - Inquiry into immigration cap>>

 Dt - 27/08/2010 


Merits Committee's report on the interim Immigration Cap>> -  Dt 16/07/10


HSMP Forum's submission to Merits Committee on interim cap - Dt 06/07/2010 


Letter to Indian Prime Minister       - Dt 12/12/2009


HSMP Forum's submission on the Charging Consultation>> Sept 2009


Submission to Migration Advisory Committee>> - Sept 2009


HSMP Forum's letter to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith>>


Photos of victory celebrations in London on 18th April 2009


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Photos outside the Royal Courts of Justice after the 13th March 2009 hearing


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HSMP Forum's submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights for scrutiny of the partial draft Immigration and Citizenship Bill>> - Dt 10th November 2008


HSMP Forum's Letter to Joint Committee on Human Rights>>

- Dt 6th November 2008


HSMP Forum's letter to the new Immigration Minister Phil Woolas

- Dt - 27th October 2008


HSMP Forum's submission to Home Affairs Committee on the impact of the PBS>>

- Dt 23rd June 2008

Photos of Victory Celebrations

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Equality and Human Rights Commission's Letter criticising Home Office

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Joint Committee on Human Rights Report on HSMP Changes

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CRE's letter to BIA

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Support letter of Mayor Ken Livingstone (May, 2007)

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 Minutes of the meeting with the Immigration Minister Liam Byrne (26th March 2007)

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 Judicial Review Notice to Home Office

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 Photos from past demonstrations

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VBSI Submission to JCHR on 4 to 5 years ILR change

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