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HSMP Forum is a not for profit organization, a company limited by guarantee formed to assist and support skilled migrants. The organisation made enormous contribution in issues related to skilled immigrants. It represents immigrants of all nationalities predominantly from non EEA countries. It works closely with various bodies and organisations.

The organization is not against Government policies but is against application of policies contrary to basic notion of fairness and equality and undermines planned lives of immigrants.

Aims & Objectives

  • To oppose unfair legislations implemented to disadvantage immigrants.

  • To help and serve its members to attain common goals by arranging a platform to communicate and coordinate.
  • To identify and represent various issues to government bodies and other Voluntary and professional bodies on the problems encountered by majority of immigrants due to changes in immigration laws.
  • To eradicate injustice and unfairness towards skilled immigrants.

  • To support and assist the UK Government in creating an immigrant friendly society.

  • To help its members in dealing with changes in immigration policies.

  • To monitor and highlight the difficulties faced by skilled immigrants.

  • To promote activities of charitable nature that would help towards alleviating Deprivation and disadvantage.

The HSMP Forum is an independent organization which campaigns for the welfare of immigrants in the UK. Although, we lobby with the government, various parliamentary and equality bodies, at times these bodies listen, but at other times they do not appear to hear us. We take legal action as a last resort when we exhaust all other avenues and if the unfairness is overwhelming. The organisation is led by the committee. The committee members work on a  non-remunerative basis. The committee is further supported by volunteers. The team members as a whole belong from diverse backgrounds. The team regularly meets / interacts and decides about the organisation's campaigns and other activities. The organisation provides an online platform for its members to communicate and raise their issues. The online forum is an electronic means which is convenient, efficient and effective for regular interaction and coordination which is well utilised by the members, it also helps the organisation towards its campaigning work. HSMP Forum (UK) Limited was formed by the parent organisation HSMP Forum to conduct legal challenges. Association of Immigrants was started to address wider issues. The committee is responsible for the functioning of these organisations. 

        Executive Committee Members

       Amit Kapadia – Executive Director (Founder & Chairman)

       Camillus Osubor – Head – Policy & Resources

       Baskaran Kumarasamy – Head –  Planning & Co Treasurer

       Muhammad Khalid Javed - Webmaster & Co Treasurer

       Jehanzeb Khan - Committee Member

       Kate Olson - Committee Member

       Raj Ramdharee - Committee Member  

       Victor Abegunde - Committee Member

       Haoqing Xu - Committee Member

       Dr Subbulakshmi Natarajan - Committee Member


         Working Team Members - Research & Development and Communications

        Thomas G

        Karin Hyde

        Usman Khalid

        Chiranjibi Paudyal

        Neide Rocha  

        Amol Karnik  

        Asha Krishna 

        Natalie Gantman 

        Annette Alcasabas


Note We regularly review the committee and working teams, therefore people volunteering to join the committee or working team can email their CV and further details at team@hsmpforum.org . We believe in having a diverse combination of team members belonging to different nationalities and immigration visa categories.

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