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Dt – 24th July 2011 


In a commendable stance, that joined forces with the HSMP forum’s continuing crusade for dual citizenship for Indians living abroad, Nitin Gadkari, president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the main opposition party in India, said that his party was in favour of dual citizenship.
At a press conference in London he said, "We are for dual citizenship to be given to Non Resident Indians (NRIs). That is an assurance made by former Prime Minister A B Vajpayee.”  He also acknowledged its emotional significance for the NRIs who have families residing in India and also its economic implications. “India can take advantage of NRIs in accelerating the progress in India," he said.
While Gadkari’s statement clearly reflects the BJP’s admirable stance in voicing their support for our campaign, other parties, more importantly the ruling party, Congress is yet to come out of the closet to register its support for non-resident Indians residing all over the world.
The BJP’s favourable statement for dual citizenship was welcomed by Indians settled in the UK. Dr. Ramnik & Dr. Ritika Mathur welcomed the development and expressed their concern of not being able to make investments in India due to the deprivation of dual citizenship, they said, “The Indian government should be pro-active in passing the Dual Citizenship bill and save Indians settled abroad from the dilemma of giving away Indian Citizenship and to ensure more contributions from NRI community in the growing Indian economy.”
Rajiv Ahlawat is from Delhi, he said “I have been living with my family in the UK for more than four years. Being able to retain our Indian citizenship after becoming 'natural' citizens of the country we live in would allow us to maintain our inseparable ties to our homeland, our core identity, and its values. An Indian passport is like an 'umbilical cord' with our motherland. I and my family in the UK along with relatives and friends in India look forward to an early legislation to allow dual citizenship to take effect."
The executive director of HSMP forum, Mr Amit Kapadia, has been tirelessly pursuing political parties in this regard and was successful in garnering support from some of the cross party leaders. Some of the notable names that received the memorandum and assured their support are Congress’ Salman Khurshid who recently took over as the Union Law minister.
Mr Kapadia said, “Although we welcome the support of the opposition party and cross party politicians with open arms, we hope that other parties will also come forward with their support. We look forward to a similar statement from Congress that will set the ball rolling and make the dual citizenship a reality.”
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