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Dt - 23/08/11


UK NRIs Join Voice With Anna’s Anti-corruption Campaign 

As the cries of anti-corruption echo throughout India and from Non Resident Indians abroad, the HSMP forum, a prominent UK-based campaigning organisation, which represents Indians and other non-European immigrants, also joins forces in calling for transparency in the system.

Corruption exists in all parts of the world but it is this awareness among people and their revolt against corruption, which can put an end to it. We believe that corruption must be eradicated from the Indian society and the current upsurge of public dissent shows that people have lost patience and time has come to tackle this issue head on.

As waves of support make their way from Indians all over the world, we in the UK believe that the stubborn parasite called “corruption” must be eradicated at all costs for India to continue its confident march on the road to progress. We believe campaigners and civil societies in India should be allowed to play a more active role in ensuring the accountability of the government and to deal with the evils of the society.

India, like other western democracies, should regularly conduct consultations with stakeholders before introducing any new legislation to ensure that the people’s voice is heard and that it plays a significant role in its development. The Anna Hazare-led campaign, we believe, is a road to a cleaner and a progressive India.

Amit Kapadia, the Executive Director of HSMP Forum said, “The hordes of masses that have responded to Anna Hazare’s call are eager to see a corruption-free Indian society and we wholeheartedly support this great movement. We earnestly believe that the Indian government and the politicians must provide unreserved support to the campaign and should urgently introduce effective measures to tackle corruption.”

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