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- High Court Judgment of 8th April 2008!!


What does the recent High Court order of the HSMP Forum says?

The Court order ensures that all migrants admitted on the HSMP scheme as at 7th November 2006 should be able to obtain extensions based on economic activity or attempt to be economically active, without having the need to go through a points based extension criteria.

Does it mean that those who are going for a second extension are also covered by the high court decision?

All those who were admitted in the HSMP scheme between 2002 and as at 5th December 2006 irrespectively of how many times they go for extension as Highly Skilled Migrants should be treated as per the old extension criteria of economic activity and attempts to be economically active.

I got my HSMP approval before 7th November 2006 but I got stamping after 7th November 2006 am I covered by the ruling?

Yes. It covers those who were admitted (approved) to the Highly Skilled Migrants Scheme as at the 7th day of November 2006 as per the court ruling. We also understand Home Office will accommodate even those who were admitted during the HSMP suspension period between 7th November 2006 and 5th December 2006. 

I made my application for HSMP approval before or on 7th November 2006 but got the approval letter later. Am I covered under the Judgment ?

We believe you should be considered under the judgment since you made your application for approval as per the old rules before 7th Nov 2006. You need to check about this with the Home Office

What application form should I fill for my extension, since there is no clarity from the Home Office as to the appropriate application form?

As far as we understand you should fill the present applicable form for extension as Highly Skilled Migrants. It is your responsibility to fill in the appropriate form and you need to check with the Home Office directly to make sure the form you are filling is the appropriate form. A wrong application form will be rejected by the Home Office and  would complicate things for you.  

New Application Forms for HSMP Extension as per HSMP Forum's High Court Judgment :


HSMP extension Application form >>


HSMP Review form >>


Can HSMP Forum process my application form?


Sorry, we do not provide any such commercial services. Application submission is  a very simple and straight forward affair. You should be able to do it yourself. You can discuss it at the forum's discussion board to get help from members who have submitted it earlier.


HSMP Forum is a non profit organisation and assists and supports skilled migrants. We campaign against unfair policies to safeguard immigrants rights. More details>>


Can you refer some Solicitors for submitting my extension application ?


If you need a representation then check the following link and you can find one - Find a Solicitor>> 


In case you have an emergency requirement and find it difficult to locate one then email us at for some references. Alternatively check our resources section.


How To Apply for the Flr if I already got an HSMP refusal earlier ?


Please check at

I left the country due to the November 2006 changes, whom shall I approach to return to UK ?

Please follow this link for guidance and forms;

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