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Please find below links to the communications between HSMP Forum and UKBA during the implementation of our HSMP ILR Judicial Review and later. Further correspondence will be available on the messageboard / online forum.

Home Office's response to HSMP Forum's email>> Dt 21/11/2013

Home Office's response to HSMP Forum's email>> Dt 14/11/2013

HSMP Forum's communication to the UKBA >> Dt 18/08/2011

HSMP Forum's email to UKBA regarding refunds>> Dt 26/04/2011

UKBA's further letter to HSMP Forum concerned with error correction and possible refunds for any unnecessary LTR applications made>> 19/04/2011                                                                               

Further clarification on new criminality threshold under the "Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules as laid before Parliament on 16/03/11">> 28/03/11

UKBA's response to communication of 18 March 2011>> - 22 March 2011

Email to UKBA on the affect of new changes - HC 863 >> - 18 March 2011

UKBA's letter concerned with rectification of error in visa extensions for those falling under HSMP Forum JRs>> - 24th January 2011

HSMP Forum's letter to UKBA>> - 21st December 2010

HSMP Forum's letter to UKBA >> - 10th July 2009

UKBA's 10th June response to issues raised>> - Dt 10th June 2009

HSMP Forum's letter to UKBA>> - Dt 29th May 2009

UKBA’s letter dated 19th May 2009 to HSMP Forum>> Dt 19th May 2009

HSMP Forum’s response letter of 18th May 2009 to UKBA on the policy guidance document>>  Dt 18th May 2009

UK Border Agency's letter to HSMP Forum on ILR JR Implementation>>
Dt - 27th April 2009

HSMP Forum's letter to UKBA on Judgment Implementation>> Dt - 15th April 2009


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